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Los Angeles Residential Window Cleaning Tips: Hard Water Stains

Hard-Water Stains – Residential Windows We have all seen them, and your typical window cleaning methods don’t seem to remove them – hard-water stains. In this post L.A. Elite Window Cleaning will go over what causes these, how you can remove them yourself, and what can happen if they are not taken care of in […]

Top 3 Reasons Los Angeles Needs Clean Gutters

Cleaning gutters is something that nobody looks forward to doing; it’s messy and normally smells. However, the consequences of not cleaning your gutters can be quite costly, and luckily L.A. Elite Window Cleaning has you covered for this service. We have taken the time to go over what we found to be the top 3 […]

Top 3 Reasons To Pressure Wash Your Home

Los Angeles is known for beautiful weather and scenery, maintaining clean houses and buildings can compliment this environment. The best way to achieve this is by pressure washing your home on a regular basis, we suggest planning this service on an annual basis. Not only does this add curb appeal to your property, but it […]

Best Time To Clean Windows In LA

We all know that there are certain times in the year to do certain things, such as, shopping the day after Thanksgiving or buying a new car at the release of the next years’ model. Window cleaning is no different. However, depending on your location the time of year will vary; for example people in […]