Commercial Window Cleaning in the Los Angeles, CA, Area

At L.A. Elite Window Cleaning, Inc., we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our commercial window washing services and on our dedication to clear communication with our customers. We work in the Los Angeles, CA, area and are focused on completing our work properly and promptly.

Reasons to Clean Your Windows

  • Clean windows improve your property’s appeal and the atmosphere. Commercial window cleaning is a small investment with a relatively large payout in benefits.
  • Improved Curbside Appeal – Cleaning your windows is a fast, easy way to make your property moreappealing.
  • Better Lighting – Clean windows allow natural light to freely enter your building.
  • A More Enjoyable View – Clean windows allow your guest to see out without dirt or grime obstructing their view, leaving your guests with a better impression.
  • Avoid Glass Degradation – Dirty windows are more at risk for etching and scratching.

Discover our window cleaning services to bring you these and other benefits.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Our trained professionals will clean your windows by hand and with cutting-edge, specialized equipment. We service windows up to 4 stories high.

Our technicians assess the glass before and after cleaning to identify damage or problems with the windows’ glass, frames, screens, and seals. They will clean up after themselves as they go and will report any issues they find to you.

We offer the following three window cleaning packages:

  • Basic Window Cleaning – Dirt is removed from the glass alone.
  • Construction Clean Up – More difficult substances, such as adhesives, paint, stucco, and general construction debris are cleaned off of the glass.  This service doesn’t include cleaning the window frames or tracks.
  • Elite/Premium Cleaning – Dirt is cleaned off of the glass, the screens are washed, and the window tracks and frames are wiped down thoroughly.

If you need commercial window washing services in the Los Angeles, CA, area, contact L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. today to get a free estimate!