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Driveway Cleaning – Maintenance LA Homeowners Often Overlook

You frequently walk on it, drive on it, the elements bombard it, and allow your vehicles to sit stagnant on it; your driveway is the collector of almost endless filth and grime. Sweeping and hosing it off occasionally may help to remove the loose dirt and debris; however, oils and dirt eventually collect, creating a sticky layer of grime, which is especially prevalent on concrete. Not only does this decrease the curb appeal of your home, but it harms the life of your driveway as well.

Pressure Washing Your Driveway Is A Necessity

This post will cover three reasons you should pressure wash your driveway and when you should be taking care of this maintenance. As a bonus we also added a how-to video for those who want to take care of this themselves.

Top Reasons For Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Curb Appeal & Property Value

Home exteriors are the first thing seen by guests, people passing by, and potential buyers. We are just going to a let before and after picture speak for itself for this section.


Before & After | Driveway Pressure Washing


As you can see the difference is night and day. A reasonable person would also assume if a homeowner would let something so visible become so filthy, that the things not seen must be a disaster. Don’t be that guy.

Increase Pleasurable Outdoor Space

Whether it be children playing some type of games on it or you throwing a party and adding seating area to it a clean driveway area makes this space much more hospitable.


Clean Driveway | Capable Of Hosting Guests


Extend Driveway Life

There are two important life extensions to look at. First, oil and dirt as described above can actually corrode the finish if not removed. Secondly, pressure washing also prevents the growth of weeds through cracks. These cracks can eventually grow, which can potentially lead to costly repairs.


Ruined Driveway | Needed Pressure Washing Services


How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Given the climate here in Southern California we would suggest making pressure washing a part of your annual Spring Cleaning efforts. We at L.A. Elite Window Cleaning would be happy to take care of this for you, but for those DIY readers we have attached a video below.



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Removing Hard-Water Stains | Los Angeles Home

Los Angeles Residential Window Cleaning Tips: Hard Water Stains

Hard-Water Stains – Residential Windows

We have all seen them, and your typical window cleaning methods don’t seem to remove them – hard-water stains. In this post L.A. Elite Window Cleaning will go over what causes these, how you can remove them yourself, and what can happen if they are not taken care of in a timely manner.

Let’s jump right into this and see what causes these buggers.

What Causes Hard-Water Stains

Hard-water stains can be caused by a combination of things, especially while living here in Southern California. Salt and minerals can be carried in from the winds passing over the ocean, acid rain, sprinkler systems, or by varies airborne contaminants here within LA’s bustling urban setting. Over time these contaminants can build up on a buildings exterior, but most noticeably the windows. This build-up can be seen as patchy white areas or cloudy spots similar to those seen on shower doors.

LA Hard-Water Stain Removal | Service | LA Elite Window Cleaning

How-To Remove Yourself

There are specialty cleaners out there; however, we wanted to go ahead and provide you with a cheaper solution using typical household items:

  1. Fill a spray bottle, half water and vinegar (lemon or lime juice works as well);
  2. Spray solution on glass;
  3. Spray a towel with same solution;
  4. Lightly scrub glass with solution dampened towel;
  5. Allow to sit for a few minutes;
  6. Remove with a clean towel;
  7. Repeat if necessary.


Top Reason To Remove Hard-Water Stains

The minerals that are build up on the glass are not only visually unappealing, but they are corroding your glass as well. You must keep in mind that glass is not as smooth as it appears and feels. If you were to highly magnify glass you would see that it is actually quite a porous material. If these stains are not removed in a timely manner the glass may permanently appear stained or scratched. If the stains have been on the windows for quite some time you may want to give a professional, like us, a call to prevent further damage.

Commercial Service | Hard-Water Stain Removal

Window Cleaning Recap

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Los Angeles Clean Windows | Bedroom View

Best Time To Clean Windows In LA

We all know that there are certain times in the year to do certain things, such as, shopping the day after Thanksgiving or buying a new car at the release of the next years’ model. Window cleaning is no different. However, depending on your location the time of year will vary; for example people in the Northeast would not be cleaning windows in the middle of winter. This post is directed towards the best time to clean your windows in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Everyone wants to have flawless windows to showcase their home or business on bright sunny days. If you are cleaning windows yourself we would suggest that you begin early in the morning before the heat and sun has the ability to dry the soap, which will leave streak marks behind. Another pro tip would be to choose an overcast day to further prevent this issue.

(If you are a DIY type of person check out the 4-minute video below which provides an easy to follow process for close to pro quality cleaning.)

The time of year also is something to be considered. We would suggest a few extra cleanings both fall and spring. This is due to the debris from various pollens and leafs left over from the changing of the seasons. On a side note we would suggest consistent cleaning for year-round shine. Dust and other dirt particles are always going to be an issue in Los Angeles.

LA Elite Window Cleaning | Sunny Day | Clean Windows

There are times to avoid having your windows cleaned, which are times of big storms. Living in SoCal this is an issue that would only arise a few times a year, regardless a quick checkup on the future weather never hurts.

Overall, there is never a bad time to have your windows cleaned as long as it is done right. This is why we would suggest leaving it to the pros at L.A. Elite Window Cleaning, by clicking here you can set-up a cleaning or better yet seasonal cleanings to keep year-round shine.

Mark From L.A. Elite Window Cleaning | Los Angeles Multi-Story Window Cleaning

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